Acting for Animators with Sarah Perry

As part of the BFX Workshops acting and movement coach, Sarah Perry, will introduce animators to acting and movement

The workshop is an introduction to Laban Movement Analysis (the analysis of character in terms of body, effort, space and shape) this can be used for human and creature animation work.

Sarah Perry WorkhopIt will involve training the eye to acutely observe and then to practically take on board a range of physical qualities, so as to develop characters and create – understanding character from the outside in. We shall look at big character types, but also understand subtle postural and gestural performance choices too.

The class will be a combination of theory, practice, games/exercises, play and group work. Fun, yet informative.

Her career has offered her many varied opportunities and experiences working in; film, TV, theatre, commercials, motion capture, fashion and higher education.

Sarah Perry is an acting & movement coach, movement director/tutor & consultant and teaches acting & character movement for animators. She is the founder of Shapes in Motion.

Through Shapes in Motion Sarah has worked with VFX companies such as; MPC, Double Negative and Framestore and with character animators working on feature films that have included; Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Nania: The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, John Carter, World War Z and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sarah’s film credits as a movement coach include; ‘Jupiter Ascending’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Sarah has recently been working with animation company Jellyfish Pictures.

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£25 for students/graduates/ u18’s and £35 for professionals Venue  - Executive Business Centre, Lansdowne 10am-4pm Saturday 26th Sept

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