BFX has announced its next batch of Masterclasses for Monday 2nd October at this year’s BFX Festival from 3D Artist and E-on Software. 3D Artist Masterclass tickets are: NUS £12 / Standard £20 per masterclass. E-on Software Masterclasses are FREE. With these classes being sure to bring you some important insight, and teach you some skills that are needed in the world of VFX, Games, and Animation, you won’t want to miss out on this. Tickets are available online at – availability is limited so booking is essential!


3D Artist Masterclass :  Houdini with Mark Jackson of Saddington Baynes – 90mins

Location: B.I.C Bay View Suite 2
Tickets: NUS £12 / Standard £20 per masterclass

Mark will be deconstructing and explaining ways in Houdini has been used to create a number of images and shots for Saddington Baynes’ commercial work (Strongbow/Grohe/Mateus/RnD bits). He will be looking at a range of techniques within Houdini including volumes, fluids/simulation, lighting (Mantra/Arnold) and whatever else comes into his head.

“I’m looking forward to being part of the BFX Festival. As for my masterclass it will be great to share my experience with Houdini. How it has helped me solve some interesting problems and generally made my life easier. Whilst hopefully imparting some valuable knowledge along the way.”

– Mark Jackson


3D Artist Masterclass: “Making Of” with Jake Denham of Luxury Visuals  – (90mins)

Making Of Master Bedroom with 3ds Max, VRay and Photoshop
Location: B.I.C Bay View Suite 2
Tickets: NUS £12 / Standard £20 per masterclass

This masterclass will focus on interior visualisation, lighting, work flow and post production using Photoshop. After this you will have a good understanding of the work flow Jake uses to create 3D visualisations and how you can implement this to streamline your work flow.

“I can’t wait to check out BFX, I have heard great things about it and can’t wait to see it for myself. I am really looking forward to presenting my Masterclass on Monday. I have made it non-software specific so I think anyone with an interest in streamlining their workflow for real-world clients will find the Masterclass useful. I have tried to cram what I have learnt in the last 10 years into 90 minutes!”

– Jake Denham


3D Artist Masterclass: Freelance Illustration – making it in the wild and multi skilled world of the technical artist with Richard Chasemore  a Lucasfilm Licensed Artist (90mins)
Location: B.I.C Bay View Suite 2

Tickets: NUS £12 / Standard £20 per masterclass

This talk is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about cutting it in the world of the technical artist. You will learn how to spot opportunities so to get your big break, what evolving technology means for technical artists and how to set up an artwork reference for real world jobs.  A must for anyone serious about becoming an illustrator!


EON SOFTWARE Masterclass 1: Procedural Assets Creation for Interactive Virtual Reality Production with Patrice Paradis

Location: B.I.C Bay View Suite 1
Tickets: Free

  • Parametric approaches
  • Non – destructive workflow
  • Multi- resolution automation content creation
  • Diversity assets production

About Patrice Paradis

Patrice spent the first decade of his career in America in production and in post-production. After he joined Alias|Wavefront in 1995, he moved to France to ensure the adoption of Maya first release in South Europe. He worked for Autodesk for another decade after the acquisition of Alias Systems by Autodesk.

Patrice is a creative strategist with a large know-how in cloud computing, interactive game engine, VFX, design visualization, advance character animation and production pipeline management workflow.

With this year’s BFX Festival just around the corner, and more masterclasses to be announced, do not miss out on this great week-long event. For more information about speakers, masterclasses, and the BFX Festival check out our website at, or follow us on: