10.00 – 17.00 – Artist Masterclass with Scott Eaton – 2 days (Fri 27 & Sat 28 Sept)

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Portraiture & Facial Anatomy for Artists is an intensive workshop covering the form, construction, and expressions of the human face.  The workshop starts with a detailed analysis of the skull, covering the structure, planes, proportions, and landmarks. This foundation is used to accurately locate and build the features of the face. Each feature is examined in detail to understand its construction and how cartilage, fat, and muscles influence its form. Reference is drawn from classical portraiture, forensic science, plastic surgery and the latest computer graphics research.

Artists leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of the construction, variation, and expressions of the face, which allows them to make more believable portraits – whether in traditional art, concept art, digital sculpture or animation rigs.

Scott is one of the pioneering artists in the emerging field of digital sculpture, which combines the power of digital tools with traditional sculptural techniques and 3D-printing and fabrication.

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